Refund Policy

Effective Date: As of March 20, 2012

Welcome to Guru Indian Astrology Network / /, when you use services of Guru Indian Astrology Network / /, you agree Terms & Conditions.

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The Guru Indian Astrology Network/, guarantees complete confidentiality of the client’s identity, horoscope details and the prediction details, subject to the fact that details shall be used with changed names for the all purposes of further research and development of the subjects of Astrology and the like. The Guru Indian Astrology Network/ provides astrology information for the sole purposes of expressing personal opinion to educate and guide clients about astro aspects & issues that may effect their daily lives. The astrological guidance provided here on is purely keeping in mind the bonafide intentions of the astrologer as his personal opinion about the issues discussed astrologically at hand. Astrology is not a proven science or exact method of seeing everything in your life. It’s a spiritual guidance that one may or may not accept. There is nothing definite in astrology and nothing can ever be predicted 100%, this is simply a game of chess played by a astrologer. Never fully rely on astrology for any answer. This is a spiritual knowledge that can only be realized subconsciously. No astrologer in the world can be 100% right. Guru Indian Astrology/ will not be responsible for any claims for negative or non-functioning of any advice of expert or expert’s remedy. Astrological Advise shall not be substituted with any legal or medical prescription, and purely considered as astrologer’s personal belief in bonafide capacity.

Guru Indian Astrology/’s consulting or astrological advise offered is based on cumulative or individual knowledge, experience and interpretations of astrology, numerology, vaastu, palmistry, chakra reading and healings etc. and as such it may vary from one consultant to another.

No refund of the payment will be given in any case.

I, Guru Indian Astrology/ retain the rights to refuse reading and consultation to whomever I like for any reason I like. There are many reason, 1. you made slander, defamatory statements against me or against other astrologers because that is a big sin in astrology to insult an astrologer even if they were wrong in public form, your chart shows the combination where an astrologer will fail. I could be over booked by readings so I will refund you due to my limited time. Or in any rare case, If you have blackmiled me in past cursed at me via email or social media I will refuse doing your reading.

Guru Indian Astrology / /, in no event will be liable for any direct or indirect damages of any kind. Person taking any advice is totally free to use his/her discretion before taking any important decisions of personal or business nature. If you have any questions or would like any information, about /, please feel free to write to us at