“Marriages are, made in heaven.” ~ Tannyson….But, why Marriage is delayed?

This seems right, as astrologically speaking, when we look into the astro-charts, the promises for your marriage and married life can be interpreted with the help of stars. Marriage is a very important part of our life, there is not denying to this truth. It is not only the union of two persons, but also their hearts, soul and their families. Successful marriages motivate people to lead successful life; however, otherwise the life becomes a hell.

“The highest happiness on earth is marriage.” Yes, rightly said by William Lyon Phelps, but only, if becomes successful. And the success of ones marriage can be astrologically judged from the 7th house of your astro-birth-charts. Your horoscope very clearly defines the overview and the possibility of specific events in your married life, like harmony or discord in marriage, or birth of the children, or any other similar events. It predominantly, shows how will be your courtship period, or enjoyments with spouse in marriage. As the first house of your horoscope represents yourself, similarly the 7th house astrologically represents your partner or spouse in this life.

“The secret of a happy marriage remains a secret”. Generally speaking it seem right as Henny Youngman said, however, in vedic astrological view, the secret of a happy marriage is revealed by certain combinations one possess in ones horoscope, much in advance. This forecast could be made by any good astrologer who can look into your astrological horoscope and find out whether there is any promise of marriage or not, whether one will marry early or there will be a delayed marriage. Astrology also looks into your stars and find out the secret of your successful and happy marriage. You can know about your Love Marriage, whether your love will be matured into marriage from the 5th, 7th, 9th 1st, 2nd houses of your horoscope, even much before you venture into it. Astro-birth Chart houses 1st, 3rd, 10th and 11th all signify “self” in astrology. Specifically, in astrology the first house is Self, 3rd your Courage, 10th your Karma, 11th your Desire. These all houses play very important part to see the basic character and desires of someone. In addition, 2nd the house of Family and 5th the house of Love Affairs has to have some connection with 7th house of your astrological chart, as it represents marriage.

Happy married life astrological combination is available in the Mantreshwara’s Phala Deepika, an ancient astrological scripture, states if the lords of the 2nd, the 7th and 12th houses are aspected by Jupiter(also known as Guru or Brihaspati) and are posited in the Trines or Angles of the astro-chart, or if the benefics be posited in 2nd, 7th, and the 11th houses of your horoscope counted from the planet owning the 7th house, the wife of the native will enjoy all happiness and be endowed with children. And we find these principles true in our daily astrological practice as the 2nd house mainly represents your family, finance and speech and 7th house as I said earlier, is mainly linked with your spouse or marriage. Similarly, 12th house of your horoscope show your bed pleasures and spending of physical energies. Now as per the Mantreshwara’s principle when Jupiter, aspects these houses or their lords when well placed in Angle or Trines in the horoscope is a strong indication of your happy married life, because the Jupiter(Guru) is supposed to be the most beneficial, divine and good planet showering happiness, plenty, success and prosperity in your life as per the astrological principles, which I find to be true in practice.

There is another principle from Mantreshwara’s Phala Deepika which states that, if the zodiac sign in the 7th house of marriage is, an even one, plus the lord of that house of marriage and Venus(Romance+Luxury), is also similarly occupy an even zodiac sign, and in addition to it, if the lords of 5th, and 7th houses being powerful are not set by the rays of the Sun, the native is sure to be blessed with wife and children.

Regarding the timing of the marriage, the astrological principles state that the Gain of Spouse i.e., marriage, may take place during the Dasha (phase) of the planet, 01. Occupying the 7th house, 02. aspecting the 7th house or 03. Owning the 7th house, i.e., the lord of marriage house. Similar results may be observed when the lord of the Ascendant in his orbit comes to the zodiac sign representing the 7th house of marriage.

Delays in Marriages can mainly be attributed to Saturn, Rahu, Weak Jupiter, Weak Venus and Weak Moon plus any other planetary astrological combinations present in your chart. If Saturn is either in 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, or 10th house from Ascendant or Moon Sign, and if it does not own beneficial houses, the delay in marriages is actually seen, in our regular practice. And if malefics are in 7th receiving adverse aspect of Jupiter or a malefic in 7th house of marriage Saturn and Mars even in own houses delay marriage. Similarly, Mars and Rahu or Rahu alone in 7th or 8th houses of your astrological birth chart, may delay marriage.

Separation or Divorce in married life usually occurs when there is Separative influence of two or more harsh planets like Saturn, Rahu, Mangal, or Sun. When the lord of the 7th house of marriage is posited in 6th house, which represents friction or obstacle, there may also be separation. Marry’d in haste, we often repent at leisure. This is been truly said by BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, so one should look astrologically in ones stars, before entering into the institution of marriage. In a horoscope, 7th lord is mainly signifies marriage partner or married life. Any afflictions to the 7th house or its lord primarily indicate troubles for the marriage. So, watch out!

Generally astrologically speaking as a general REMEDY, the would be brides should wear a yellow sapphire in the index finger of their left hand and would be grooms shall wear Diamond in the middle or ring finger of their right hand to enhance the good effects of Jupiter and Venus respectively. This is because of the fact that Jupiter has a natural signification of Husband and Venus is a natural signification of Wife in your astro-charts. And always Remember, that a SUCCESSFUL MARRIAGE depends on two things: 01. Finding the right person, and; 02.Being the right person.

Ar Naveen Mishra

Ar Naveen Mishra

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