Pooja Havan Yagna Remedies

Puja is the Hindu ritual of worshiping God in a systematic manner as prescribed in the Vedic scriptures. There are various names of the deity along with Hindu mantras are recited in a pooja. Hindu mantras and chants play a vital role and are called Shodasa Upacharas. A puja is a way of expressing ones faith in God, a way of seeking salvation and a way of seeking God’s blessings to ward off the troubles and to ask Him to grant ones desired goals and objectives.

Homa is a ritual performed to invoke the God of fire, Agni by offerings. As Havih means Ghee and Havisha means offering and Yagya mean sacrifice, Homa is also called Havan or Yagna. Since the sun is the primary source of energy and fire represents the sun, hence ending a pooja with offerings to fire is considered very auspicious and also enhances the beneficial effects of the pooja.

To remove the negative influences of some planets and their bad yogas/doshas, the Hindu Scriptures suggest that one should do the Hindu Pooja and homas. This improves the life's condition, and the individual is benefitted a lot. You can get your progeny related queries answered and get the pooja remedy for yourself at Guru Indian Aastrology.com.

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Havan and Pooja give positive results. Not only this but the individual gets an inner strength and confidence. Sometimes the results are instant, and sometimes they are slow. But they are inevitable and positive for sure.



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