Love Affair Marraige Astrology

Get your Love or Marriage related queries, answered! Will you find your love? Does he/she loves me? Will our love get converted into a marriage? Will our parents agree? Will his/her love last for long period or for short period? All sort of queries related to love propects are answered by Gurudev Astrologer Naveen Mishra. So, take this astro-service and get a crystal clear picture about your love prospects.

  • Will I find my love?
  • Does he/she love me?
  • Will we be able to marry?
  • Will our marriage be successful?
  • Will he/she always love me?
  • Is he/she compatible for me?
  • Will we always be fighting?
  • How can we improve our compatibility?
  • When will I get married?
  • Will my marriage be happy?
  • What can I do to improve on marriage front?
  • What are my marriage prospects?
  • Why is my marriage delaying?
  • Which remedies can I do to have a fruitful marriage?
  • Will I get married late?
  • Is the current proposal suitable for marriage?
  • Do our astro-charts match for a good happy life?
  • Want to go beyond Guna Milan matchmaking?Plus general life predictions.
  • Is there any remedy for mangleek dosha?
  • Do I actually have a fatal mangleek dosha?
  • Can I marry a non-mangleek match?
  • When is a very good date for our marriage?
  • When should we keep our dates for important events?
  • Could you please tell me which is the best date for my marriage?



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