Your Marriage is Over When You Live As Competitors and Not As Friends

Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired. ~ Robert Frost

Love and Romance are indispensable parts of life. Mutual attraction is natural phenomenon occurring most of time around us between opposite genders. Have you ever thought that why indeed men and women get attracted to each other sometimes for no special reasons, for example, love at first sight! Khalil Gibran has stated that if you love somebody let them go, for if they return, they were always yours. And if they dont, they never were. Have you ever thought what makes them return or not return to you? Astrology has answers to your these questions.

Astrologically, Mars of female and Venus of male in their astro-chart, has lot to say about this mutual attraction phenomenon. We may observe the reasons astrologically, for love affairs or mutual attraction in men and women. If the fundamental Mars of female is fully aspected by Saturn or Rahu of any male, the man is most likely to be attracted towards the woman.

When Venus in males astro-chart and Mars in Females astro-chart are in one and the same sign, they will be attracted to each other. The closer the degree more the attraction will be in such cases. And when males are attracted by females towards them, have their Venus in birth chart fully afflicted particularly by females Rahu or Saturn. Females are likely to be prey in the hands of males, if their Mars gets fully afflicted by Rahu or Saturn of Male.
One may find the compatibility in the love affairs through detailed study of astrological charts of males and females. So, when someone says, We are in love, you may check the star positions of this couple to appreciate the above astrological combinations present in their astro-charts.

Likewise, in India, generally people consult astrologers to know the marriage compatibility between the prospective bride and groom. Every parent wishes their child to be married to the suitable partner to lead a happy life. While it is necessary to enquire about the family background, character, physical features, age, education, financial status, relatives and such other details before the proposal is accepted, it is also wise and commonly accepted practice to match the birth charts for the prospective bride and groom, to find out the suitability among them.

The general and popular method is of Guna Milan of the boy and the girl, which, according to my understanding has certain limitations, if used as a single tool in isolation. The compatibility of astro-chart is based of various following criteria :

  1. Ascendant of both charts,
  2. Lord of Ascendant of both charts,
  3. Lunar signs of the two,
  4. Lords of their Lunar signs and their relationship with each other,
  5. Their nakshatras i.e., constellations
  6. Yoni for Sexual Agreement and Compatibility
  7. Vasya
  8. Dina
  9. Mahendra
  10. Stri Dirgha
  11. Varna
  12. Gana for basic temperament of the both
  13. Gotra Agreement
  14. Paksi agreement
  15. Mrga agreement
  16. Vedha
  17. Bhuta
  18. Rajju
  19. Age-agreement
  20. Astaka-Varga agreement
  21. Mental attraction

Not only this, a good astrologer should look in the astro-charts of both boy and girl to find out various astrological signatures and promises made to them by the nature.

Other than Guna Milan, which is a common practice, in the market, other factor such as different phases of both as per the chart and their marriage promises as per the chart shall also be studied before making any comment on the compatibility of both the charts. Total picture in holistic and extensive sense should be studied for checking the compatibility for any love affair or marriage between the two. And along with this one should keep in the mind that there can never be 100% perfect match, so one should remember, What counts in making a happy marriage is not so much how compatible you are, but how you deal with incompatibility. ~George Levinger. So while checking the compatibility between the two, the both boy and girl should be made aware about their plus and minus points to deal with.

Ar Naveen Mishra

Ar Naveen Mishra

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