Bride and Groom are two manifestations of the nature i.e., prakrti. And it is most important for them to be in harmony with each other in order to achieve happiness and bliss. A good happy married life is a true blessing in this world. Marriage of two souls is established mainly according to Vedic admonition, for the purpose of the realization of dharma and progeny. Although marriages are made in heaven, human beings are not aware of their would-be partners. Their search for a suitable person raises anxiety all the more, as the selection is made but once, in a lifetime.Harmony remains the most sought after key ingredient in any marriage. As per Lope de Vega, Harmony is pure love, for love is complete agreement. The question remains as to how to find the most suitable partner for life? Indian Vedic Astrology becomes conducive and has the answers to this regard in finding the compatibility among the would-be couples.

Other than enquiring about the family background, character, physical features, age, education, financial status, relatives and such other relevant details before the proposal is finally accepted, the matching of the two horoscopes remains the popular and wise choice in the Indian society. As stated by Raymond Hull, All marriages are normally happy. Its the living together afterward that causes all the trouble. So, Vedic astrology helps in checking the compatibility among the would-be couples.

The compatibility of the two horoscopes is based on the planetary equations. Be it the lunar signs of the two, lords of their signs, the strength of seventh lords in the both charts or their position and placements along with the other planets, any aspects on the seventh lord and the seventh house as well. The Karkatvas i.e., natural significators for marriage such as Venus, Moon and Mars, Sun in the would-be groom and brides astrological charts, respectively. The agreement among their nakshatras, asterisms or constellations has also to be analyzed and judged such as Dina for luck and long life, Gana for their basic temperament and wealth, Mahendram and Stri-Deergham for attachment, general well-being. Yoni, Vasya, Varna, Vedha etc., are also checked for sexual, food, posterity and progeny compatibility amongst the would-be couples. Kuja dosha or Mangleek dosha has also to be considered.

Not only this, the different yogas i.e., summation or equation of planets and current and future dasha periods have also to be taken into consideration while making the harmony and compatibility decision.

Normally, astrologers examine the 7th house of the horoscope in connection with the marital compatibility or problems. However, the 2nd house of Kutumbha i.e, family and relatives and finances also becomes pertinent while judging and deciding on the compatibility and harmony of both the astrological charts. This is relevant to mention that verse 60 of chapter 6 of Sarvartha Chintamani, an ancient astrological text reveals that if there are division or vargas of benefic planets in the 2nd and 7th houses of horoscope and it these houses and their lords are associated with or are aspected by the benefics, the man gets married early age.

There are two main observations for determining harmony between two relations as seen from the any astrological birth chart. The numero uno observation is that if the lord of the house of the relation concerned is strong enough and also is its karkatva i.e., significator of that relation, there will be harmony between the native and his relation involved. For example, if the lord of the 7th house from lagna is fully strong by its sign, position, conjuction, aspect etc and so also is the karka i.e., significator of Wife(Venus) and Husband(Jupiter) the native will be harmonious to his/her spouse.

The second observation for harmony in marriage is that two planets involved should not be badly placed in 6th, 8th axis from each other or ascendant. The 29th verse of chapter 20th of an another ancient astrological treatise Phala Deepika states that a planet that is enemy to the planet having its main ruling period, or is located in the 6th house or is enemy of the lord of ascendant, will turn even the best of friends into enemies in its sub-periods and there is a great fear of not only enemies but also of loosing honour.

The 9th Verse of the 10th Chapter of the astrological treatise Phala Deepika also clearly states that if 7th house from the Ascendant be an even sign and the lord of the 7th and Venus be also posited in even signs, and if the lord of the 5th and 7th possessed of strength be not eclipsed by Suns rays, the native will be blessed with wife and children.

In an another 10th verse of the same aforesaid chapter, Phala Deepika states the native will be happy and will be blessed with wife and children, if the lords of the 2nd, 7th and 12th be posited in Kendra or trikona aspected by Jupiter and there be benefics in the 2nd, 7th and 11th to the lord of the 7th wherever he may be.

And as per the female horoscopy, if both the ascendant and the Moon are housed in even sign and aspected by benefics, the woman will be blessed with ideal character, prosperity, ornaments, good husband and sons.

Broadly speaking, adultery, divorce, widowhood, separation, harsh temperament of either partner, undutiful spouse, no progeny, plural marriage, abnormal sexuality, dowry or greedy demand and ill-behavior of in-laws etc. are the causes for an unhappy married life, which can be checked in advance through astrology to avoid or mitigate such events to have a better harmonious married life.

When 7th lord is a strong benefic planet and free from affliction, a happy and harmonious married life may safely be predicted. So, this great subject of astrology extends its helping hand in creating harmony around in our lives. The only need is of in-depth serious analysis of astrological charts, which sometimes is wrongly skipped. So, do consider astrological charts as well, before you take your leap forward and make alliance for the lifetime. The Mahatama Gandhi has rightly stated that, Always aim at complete harmony of thought and word and deed. Always aim at purifying your thoughts and everything will be well.

Ar Naveen Mishra

Ar Naveen Mishra

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