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by Ar Naveen Mishra

“Acharya Naveen Mishra ji is an outstanding astrologer. His predictions are based on accurate, specific and relevant forecasts. He is the one who really has a human touch and handles any person (not just the client ) with lot of care and patience. One of his best quality is that he has a compassionate heart and is a true listener who acknowledges your problem look for alternative and then give you the best solution in a form of a remedy or advice which truly changes your life. I am very lucky to have such a kind and genuine astrologer in my life who always helped me in overcoming my obstacles and sending me across the ocean to live my dreams.””

Vidya Longani SupervisorQatar Airlines

I met Ar. Naveen Mishra for the first time 5 years ago and since then he is a guiding force helping me to take right decisions. Whenever I feel that the road ahead is full of obstacles and difficulties, his guidance and astrological predictions helped me tremendously by giving clear direction to my thoughts and energies and the confidence that something better lies ahead. He is a gem of persons. Thank you a lot are the only words to show my gratitude to him.

Chhabra RameshChartered Accountant

HE CAN NEVER TELL WHERE HIS INFLUENCE STOPS. A preacher affects eternity, he can never tell where his influence stops. Thanx for guiding my life

Sachin MishraCITI Group (Now NRI Canada)

It is my great pleasure to write this testimonial for Ar. Naveen Mishra who has deeply astonished me with his mesmerizing power of predicting the future. I also had the good fortune of being the first client of his way back in 1996 and the predictions made back then have held to be true till date. Another quality of Ar. Naveen Mishra that I would like to highlight that he keeps his clients away from superstitions and tries to logically explain everything with great patience. The frank and honest attitude adopted by him has led me through the toughest of times in my life. He does not keep one in the false pretense and only tells the authentic reading that he sees in horoscope. No one’s life is perfect but thanks to his predictions and simple measures like doing good deeds and praying, I have gained the courage to meet every obstacle in life head on as every dark cloud has a silver lining so do all hard times in life as they end in good times. This positive energy filled kundli reading is not the only ace up the sleeve of this man; he has a host of other areas of in-depth knowledge to his name like vaastu sashtra, numerology & palmistry to name a few. Truly he is a man of great wonders with dumbfounding abilities enshrined in him by the all mighty.

Navin ChowdhriAdvocate, Punjab & Haryana High Court

Its an honour to be among one of yours many followers, I remember the day I met you first about six years ago, I was so surprised that you knew so much about me just by talking for a couple of minutes, and how much I was in need of proper a path. You guided me and so well on the way to success. I remember how negative I had been during those times and just by that small conversation all the negativity turned into positive thoughts, I dont know how will I be able to repay all that you have done for me, you adviced me to wear something and I being ignorant didnt even tried it and you went out of the way and gifted me those stones to wear it as you were more concerned of my well being, Today I admit that it had made a huge difference to my present life as well as I see a bright future ahead.

Paramjit SinghKesriya & Co.

What can I say about a person whose knowledge of Astrology, Numerology and Palmistry has helped many people. With his intellect and spiritual guidance many people have solved their problems and are living a contented life. I am very lucky to have met him and also glad to be one of his followers. He has guided me the right way and to the right path which has increased my confidence level and thought me to see the world in a total different way. His skills and spiritual guidance had helped many people like me to take the right decisions including improving ways of business. I also return light hearted and relief after meeting. Thank You for Your Guidance and Blessings.

Meenu TakyarExports Company

I had met a lot of people regarding the various requirements and occasions of my life, but from the day i have been in contact with you i have never gone back to any of those people. The logics and reasoning that you give for each of your predictions have been assuring and right. The non-selfish approach of yours has been the reason for me to recommend you to all the people i know. Your grasp and knowledge of the subject and Your keen Observations and providing the Precise Solution have been a great impact on my life. I was Athiest but not now.. Thanks for everything you have done for me and may Your Blessings be there with me and my family forever.

Daljit GillCollection Manager

I am writing this to you to share my views of ur Blessings, Advise and Guidance. I can't thank you enough for always saving me from bad times and guiding me towards success.. You have been the ray of hope whenever I had been in pain or grief. as you relieved me from all negativity and put positivity in me. Thanking You once again Guruji for all your Precised Predictions, Remedies and Guidance which put me Emotionally and Financially sound and stable. Thanking You Once Again Guruji for all your precised predictions, remedies and guidance

Twinkle VinayakHandicraft Furniture Export Company

I have been consulting Ar. Naveen Mishra for the past 8 years. His predictions are very accurate and the corresponding solutions simple and easy to follow. His vast knowledge about astrology, vastu and feng-shui make his suggestions perfect for adaptation for one and all.He surely is the best in this field."

Masha MehtaAuthor & Content Writer

My family’s association with Gurudev has been since long. I have personally sought his help in almost every aspect of my life be it studies, career or marriage. He has been my brightest light in the darkest of tunnels that I have passed in life. He is a living example of “Friend, Philosopher & Guide”. He has hand held me through one of the most difficult stages and I have been able to clear the huddles of life with much ease through his guidance. With his optimistic approach, one feels that any kind of problems can be solved and situations dealt with. As he always says “Keep the faith and everything will be fine”, I believe that is one of the most beautiful facts of life he has taught me.

Tushaar VohraPrivate Clients & Asset Management Deutsche Bank AG, India

They say its all in the stars but since we do not understand their movements and are generally confused about state of our lives ,a clear guidance helps a lot to live your present better .Pandit Navin Mishra ji through his deep study and knowledge provides an excellent guidance and this guidance is so exact that you can face any situation in life .I personally have found a great guide in him who has helped me live my life more fully.

Ajay MajithiaMD, Rana Group of Companies

You are an amazing Astrologer. It seems you have a direct link with almighty. When it comes to you my mind runs to 2002 when you exactly told my son's date of birth before he was born. I can never forget that. That was a miracle. You always amaze me by just on dot predictions. Recently when i asked you if i will win my CEO Council award in Turkey. You told if it has to happen then it would be before 19th August. And see i am going on 18th August. I feel blessed to have you there in my life... Thank you for everything..

Nidhi BangaAdvocate, Delhi High Court

I have seen many people, claiming to be an astrologer. Unfortunately I happen to know how they manipulate things so that makes me more of annoyed than amazed. I could trust only you Gurudev. I want to tell to all my friends out there, that whatever he predicted for me, was pure computation and it kept on proving true, one by one. Best part is that he did not shy away to tell the truth and that is what I respect and like the most. I congratulate him on his incredible skills and wish he spreads this knowledge everywhere.

Rajat BhardwajRegional Channel Manager, HP Inc.

My marriage is a love marriage. We all were aware of, that my husband is Mangalik. But we did not bother at all. I guess, I do not have bad Mangal. We never checked our Patrika & got married now for last 7 months. I always used to here some bad things about Mangal, so, I was having bad concepts about Mangalik. I just read your article about Mangalik & Mangal Dosha, I really got relief. I used to here from lots of astrologers that who ever has special Mangal placement, has to get married with a girl/boy having mangalik placement only. I was having really bad thoughts about Mangal somewhere deep in mind. They all are gone now. Your article about Mangal is really good one. My Mind is totally clear. Thanks a lot again. Keep on writing good articles, as people has really less idea about all this and they, sometimes, make bad decisions on the basis of less knowledge. You are the Best in Checking Marriage Compatibility for us.

Ravita SinghHouse Wife

Guru Dev Ar Naveen Mishra ji, today I am what I am just because of you. Your Advices and foretellings have helped me long way. You helped me chose my career astrologically appropriate and now I am totally self-dependent. Your predictions have as usually been true. You have brought brightness into my life. Your experience and knowledge is an edge over your humble nature and perspicacity. You are simply genious and a virtuoso Astrologer.

Tanmay GroverNRI, Australia

Sh.Naveen Mishra is a Highly Educated Great Astrologer, Blessed with a Divine Gift of Reading and Making Most Accurate Predictions. He has a magic power to fill even a highly depressed person with positivity for life……

DS RandhawaLand Colononizer & Developer

Guru Dev your skills and powers have made you cross the perfection boundaries. It seems as if you have answer to everything. Your predictions and prognostication are always true. Your intense determination and enthusiasm towards your work has made my life very easy. Your humble and polite nature pleases me whenever I visit you. You are blessed with excellent powers and dexterous mind .It seems that you have Goddess Saraswati in your tongue. Please keep up the Good Work.

Basant GroverManaging Director - Chain of Grover Sweets, West Delhi



Tipu KohliManaging Director - Moti Mahal Delux, South Ex, Delhi

I know you (Gurudev Naveen Mishra Ji) from past 15 years. Today its my pleasure to write a few words for you for I always fall short of words while writing about you.
I want to tell all the people out there, that, he is a very Kind Hearted person and his predictions have been always true. He is the best astrologer I have ever met. I would say he is the Perfect Astrologer and a Great Guiding and Motivating Force in our lives. He provides the Best Astrological Guidance.

Akanksha MalhotraCredit Dept., Bank Of America

I have had a good fortune of knowing you for nearly two decades. Besides being a true friend you are a thorough and a Great Astrologer. With his Accurate and Precise Predictions, he is one of the best in Delhi or should I proclaim the Best in India. I want to tell this to the people out there, that he is most scientific in his predictions which are devoid of any superstitions. With all these qualities embodied in him he is truly an Acharya or Gurudev as we call him.

Monish GujralManaging Director, Author, Anchor, Chef, - Moti Mahal Delux

I am writing few lines for you its like Samunder mein do Boond pain Dalna... Its not a easy task to write few words for you Guru Ji as I am not sure where to start and where to end this. My chance meeting with you when I was In my teen age has transformed my life and you have everynow and then shown me the right path.We live in such a fast paced world with limitless opportunities .With limitless options available comes limitless confusion and One is not sure which path to chose .Your knowledge and expertise on Your Astrology has made you a complete Authority of this Study.Your timely and very accurate predictions have indeed been of great use and I personally find it very very helpful. I wish and pray to GOD that more and more people are able to derive benefit in their lives by getting touched by ur MIDAS touch and Indeed you are a GOD sent MAN who has come here on this planet to help and alleviate Darkness.

Rohit MehtaHonda, Canada

I am glad today that i am writing few words for you, I just want to let you know how grateful I am to have you. Our association is now for more than two decades. Your advice and support has changed my whole outlook and the way I look at life. Now that I look back at it all these years God has blessed me with you. Your prediction was absolutely perfect that I will become a Lawyer, and so many other predictions which we know came true. Whenever i was in a need of support you were always there offering your ear, Astrological Guidance & Advice, and Your Wisdom. I know there are so many people whose lives you have changed through your advice, so always keep going. Words cannot express how thankful I am to you and what you have done for me. Thank you so much for your "words of wisdom"; You are truly gifted at what you do!

NanditaAdvocate, Delhi High Court

Ar Naveen Mishra is also well known as Gurudev is a versatile and multifaceted personality. Rarely, we come across such a person in our day to day life. There are people who acquire knowledge and there are people who get success but all that comes at an advanced age but to achieve such heights and at such a young age this is something that boggles our mind. And this is what makes Gurudev a brilliant exception. My sincere thanks to u Gurudev for spending time with me and giving it due importance. I am very much impressed and pleased with your style and predictions. I have never seen before such a wonderful way of explaining the difficult situations and advising the best possible solutions. I am not afraid of any bad news or any bad times. It would be certainly better if well experienced astrologers like Gurudev advises you so that you get mentally prepared to face the difficult situations. Understanding and mastering the Jyotish is not all that easy as it sounds as there is no scope for wild guesswork.Using this knowledge to answer the questions of the people about their unforeseen future is therefore, requires a very pragmatic, logical and analytical approach. All this I find in Gurudev. His advice gave me lot of encouragement and added confidence in my life. I really thank GOD for giving me an opportunity to meet such a wonderful astrologer and person like Ar. Naveen Mishra (Gurudev).

Arihant JainBusinessman

Gurudev, I have witnessed you more than many thousand times, in your accurate understanding and predictions. You have been a really great guide and advisor in my Life and the Lives of many people I know. I would like to say only one thing about you, and that is, "You are Oxygen of My Life and We All Love You for whatever You have been doing for us."

Manoj Bobby GroverGrover Sweets, West Delhi

I know Ar Naveen Mishra from past 30 years, he used to share his astrology vision about many lives around me, including me.
"...No wonder whatever we discussed is coming true..."

Chanderdeep VasishtShopkeeper

"Guruji is like a pole star..."

Gurudev Ar.Naveen Mishra ji, is like a pole star through which one can find right directions in one's life. In my association with Guruji,from last 15 years,I have seeked & received his blessings number of times. His knowledge about Janampatri is vast & exact. I am Your follower

Taranjeet Kaur MajithiaLIC

"...Thank You for Everything!" Respected Ar.Naveen Mishra ji, You were right about the dates you gave me and even about my business. I feel more hopeful about the great work.

Arun AbrolMD, Sarvottam Turnkey Projects

I met Ar.Naveen Mishra for the first time 18 years ago when I was going through a particularly rough patch in my life. At that time, everything seemed impossible as the road ahead seemed full of obstacles and difficulties. His guidance and astrological predictions helped me tremendously as he gave a clear direction to my thoughts and energies and the confidence that something better lay ahead of me. Although, at that time it seemed like a far cry, today, I can confidently say that everything he had predicted back then has come true. His meticulous calculations and love for the science of astrology combined with spiritual guidance has helped not just me but many of my friends and family over the years. However, what I value the most in him is his genuine care and concern for people and the ability to befriend anyone in the first meeting! I can not thank him enough for the person I am today.

Tanish SanghaIndia Today Group

"He is a Great Help..." Dear Gurudev Naveen Mishra ji, There are no word which can express my feelings and gratitude correctly, but I am grateful for everything you have done for me.

Raj BhadriRestaurant Owner, London

Acharya Naveen Mishra ji is an outstanding astrologer. His predictions are based on accurate, specific and relevant forecasts. He is the one who really has a human touch and handles any person (not just the client ) with lot of care and patience. One of his best quality is that he has a compassionate heart and is a true listener who acknowledges your problem look for alternative and then give you the best solution in a form of a remedy or advice which truly changes your life. I am very lucky to have such a kind and genuine astrologer in my life who always helped me in overcoming my obstacles and sending me across the ocean to live my dreams.

Vidya LonganiSupervisor, Qatar Airlines

Gurudev's Guidance on my horoscope and Remedies given by him has made a significant difference to my life. I’ve seen a 100% change in my life conditions after meeting Gurudev Ar Naveen Mishra Ji. I have been consulting him for 8 years and these 8 years are the best years of my life. Thank You Guruji.

KarunaTarot Reader

Acharya Naveen Mishra ji you have changed my life entirely upside down. For me you are no less than God. If I really have to tell what you have done for me for my children it will take me atleast a month to write . It’s been 10 years now and I still remember the 1st day I met you and your words still give me goosebumps whenever I recall- Pushp ji , THAKUR JI NE MUJE AAPKE LIYE BHEJA HAI AAP BILKUL FIKAR NA KAREN and acharya ji i can confidently say that thakur ji ne apne roop me Apko bheja mere liye . You were there for me whenever I needed you and you never ever gave importance to any kind of materials. For you the major motive is to HELP PEOPLE around you unconditionally. I am so lucky To have you and you are really fruit of my good deeds. Thankyou Acharya Naveen Mishra ji For doing so much for me. May god give you long wonderful life.

Pushp LonganiHouse Wife

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