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About Gurudev

Ar. Naveen Mishra

The Strong Seeker of Truth… He is totally driven by Astrological Wisdom & Powered by Vedas. Since Childhood, he has been a philosopher. Keen Observations and More Observations…Contemplating on what is happening in and around him. He always looked at others and tried finding the real motto of their conversations and behaviour.

Deep thinker…He wondered, for what these people are running? What do these people achieve and what is the final benefit of their actions? Being born in a Brahmin family he got to understand about Vedic culture obviously.

He always questioned himself

“Who Am I?”, “Why I am Here on Earth?”, and “since I am here, what am I Supposed to do?” i.e., “What is my Role?

Who are all these people around me? And what is their purpose of life? What do they really want to achieve? And does it really finally matter? etc. He always believed that there has to be some cause behind an effect, in whatever that happens. Everyone tries to understand the cause according to ones mind and intelligence, which has its limitations.

Born being in a particular family and in particular circumstances cannot be a matter of chance or coincidence. There has to some cause behind this effect. What’s the reason one is born in a rich family? And What’s the reason another is born in a poor family? This is not a matter of choice or coincidence. Why someone with lesser qualities or efforts achieve more as compared to others who have more in comparison? Why someone is Lunatic? What caused him/her to be a lunatic? Medical terms and explanations are okay, however, the question was to know further, what triggered the chemical changes and why? Why only this person and not others? Why someone has a very sharp intellect yet another is stupid? What is the actual cause behind that? Why some people are superstitious? What makes them superstitions?

Is this Fear..? Ignorance..?

Which makes them so, THEN.. Who created Fear? Does the feeling of Fear in a living beings, exists by matter of chance, co-incidence? Why even fear exists? Can’t Science destroy fear forever from all persons? This includes scientific explanation PLUS astrological reasons. Because although physical science is capable to answer most of the questions, yet failed to answer many of those? This meant Science and Vedic Knowledge Astrology shall have to go, hand in hand to support the research and to find the truth.

To get Answers to the questions bothering his mind, he looked around in almost all the available subjects, however got highly motivated by astrology immediately after his matriculation. He loved Astrology-The Science of Vedas, because it was answering many questions about life where no other subject was able to do so. He became totally hooked-up and dedicated to the subject of Vedas and Astrology.

He kept studying, contemplating the subject along with his normal academics. He Completed his Bachelors in Commerce, Master of Finance & Control and additionally also became a Qualified Lawyer.

He also successfully completed the Jyotish Praveen with Distinction, and Jyotish Visharada from Indian Council of Astrological Sciences (ICAS). Won Titles like Jyotish Prabhakar and Jyotish Bhaskar alongwith Maharishi Prashar Gold Medal and International Award of Astrological Achievement, in World Astrologer’s Conference for his dedication to the subject of Astrology. He also completed Lama Fera Master Healer and Teacher Level Training. Got into other Cosmic Healing Practices to Heal Your Aura for better balance and harmony in life.

But all this was immaterial for him for he wanted to perform the purpose for which he is here on this planet. And the purpose is to serve the Humanity through the wisdom of Astrology and other Alternative Therapies. Guiding Lives, Giving Solutions or Knowledge, Touching Hearts and Bringing happiness. To become an Astrologer, Life Coach & Guide who is devoted by his holy work to eradicate the human being problems through the vast and divine knowledge of the Astrology.

He has successfully completed more than 2500+ TV Programs/Shows/Episodes on SHRI NEWS, INDIA NEWS, LIVE INDIA NEWS, AAJ TAK TEZ TELEVISION, ABP NEWS CHANNEL and Various other TV Channels.

His purpose includes to utilize, Astrological skills in Guiding and Motivating Individuals for leading Better Life and to build a better future. He has Researched, Contemplated, Experienced and done Analyses on more than 100,000(approx.) horoscopes over the period of more than 27 years for the people from all walks of life. He enjoys reading and researching Horoscope charts.

He is the founder of the GuruIndianAstrology.Com, and wants to spread the astrological wisdom to all over the world. Through Guru Indian Astrology services & Narasimha Astrology Academy, he wants to serve the society at large.

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