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Whether we are getting our car number plate, choosing our new apartment number or purchasing a new property, Numbers play a vital role in our lives. These figures have a cosmic energy in them and therefore are of great value. There is a scientific understanding in these numbers and their greatness, and together it is called


The numbers predict a huge deal about the purpose of our lives, our innate characteristics, our talents and our motivations. Numerology predicts the future with the help of numbers.

It answers the simple of most straightforward questions like when to marry or where to invest, where shall you travel or if you should relocate. Experts like Gurudev Acharya Naveen Mishra use numbers to determine the best time to make your important moves and activities in your life.

Numerology deals with nine major planets namely- Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Uranus, Venus, Neptune, Saturn and Mars along with their characteristic features. And each of these planets is assigned numbers ranging from 1-9. These planets influence human lives in a very substantial way.

Therefore, Numerology needs a lot of skills along with precision to bring out the accurate results so that the needed changes can be made in the lives of the people. At Guru Indian Astrology.com under the Numero Analysis advice service Gurudev Numerologist Acharya Naveen Mishra will make a detailed study on your lucky number, personality number and name number. So you can create harmony in your life according to numerology and keep moving towards prosperity.

All your questions are answered with utmost precision at Guru Indian Astrology.com by Acharya Gurudev Naveen Mishra who gives you the liberty to reach out to him through various available options. Seek all kinds of Astro Advice and Vedic remedies from Acharya Naveen Mishra.

In the end, numerology offers us a guide to get us on the right way and path; it doesn’t dictate what will happen as at the end of the day it is your free will and bravery that will matter always.



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