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DMIT Report & Counselling

Being in that stage of life where understanding your child’s right competency might seem like an issue. Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT) is an intelligent tool which is developed to support this fact of life. In today’s high tech age, career is an important aspect of every person. And being a parent, it is your responsibility to find out the hidden talent of your children so that you can prepare them for their bright and right futures. For this, your kids require real and genuine training and guidance. Seek this Astro Advice and Vedic remedies from renowned astrologer Acharya Naveen Mishra who is the founder of Guru Indian Astrology. His sole purpose in life is to serve the human race with the wisdom of astrology and psychology science along with other alternative therapies. He is truly a perfect astrologer, life coach, and guide who is devoted to his holy work to eradicate the life problems.

DMIT is a test wherein one can explore a person’s direction of strength and his/her area of interest. Age is not a bar for this trial because it is a scientific method which uses a person’s fingerprints to know his/her capabilities. This provides the right direction to the individual to choose the correct path and achieves the goal. There are hundreds of benefits attached to DMIT tests, but we are focusing on some of the best:

  • To comprehend why some patterns of relationship keep recurring
  • Knowing of the different areas in your brain that are either not explored or over emphasized
  • To understand your child’s innate personality and how to apply the right approach in the process of child learning and memorizing things
  • To use the proper education for your child without causing unnecessary stress or conflicts which can have lifelong implications or complexities
  • Focus on your child's talent which you are yet unaware of and develop it properly, so there are fruitful results
  • As a guide in choosing the undergraduate, postgraduate, doctorate programs or any other subject in the career making decision
  • KStaff people may have different personality traits. It helps in knowing about those features and helps in finding, recruiting, selecting and working with the correct workforce team



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