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The Strong Seeker of Truth...He is totally driven by Astrological Wisdom & Powered by Vedas. Since Childhood, he has been a philosopher.

Keen Observations and More Observations…Contemplating on what is happening in and around him.

Who are all these people around me? And what is their purpose of life? What do they really want to achieve? And does it really finally matter? etc. He always believed that there has to be some cause behind an effect, in whatever that happens. Everyone tries to understand the cause according to ones mind and intelligence, which has its limitations.

Born being in a particular family and in particular circumstances cannot be a matter of chance or coincidence.

Based in Delhi, we also have a centre in Delhi.

  • Astrology Services

    We aspire to be the most accurate and dependable horoscope astrology service provider not only for people in South Delhi, India but in the whole world. Our growing clientele and their growing trust in us, is to enable us to achieve our goal. So Seek Guidance... and You will Recieve it...

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  • Vaastu Consultancy

    Vastu Shastra, a traditional Hindu system of architecture is known as the “Science of architecture.” Vastuvidya is knowledge of a collection of ideas and concepts.Guru Indian Astrology by Acharya Naveen Mishra is pleased to offer you the best Vastu Services nationally as well as internationally.

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  • Hypnotherapy Service

    Hypnotherapy is a form of psychotherapy that is used to create subconscious change in a patient in the form of new responses, thoughts, attitudes, behaviours or feelings. It is undertaken with a subject in hypnosis.

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  • DMIT Report & Counselling

    Being in that stage of life where understanding your child’s right competency might seem like an issue. Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT) is an intelligent tool which is developed to support this fact of life. In today’s high tech age, career is an important aspect of every person.

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  • Mid Brain Activation

    Our mind is a complex mix of Conscious, sub- Conscious and unconscious states. Mid brain activation is associated with engaging the subconscious mind in a full state of awareness and conscious control. The complete balance between the both left and right hemispheres of the brain is considered to be the holistic state of mind.

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  • Smart Mind Programming

    Smart Mind Programming helps you to develop yourself more. SMART is a kind of practice which is the best framework for setting goals. SMART goals should be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and also time-bound.You can develop all these qualities by opting for Smart Mind Programming service with Guru Indian Astrology by Acharya Naveen Mishra.

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  • Healing Services

    Healing can be used in numerous ways to balance your body and soul with both internal and external environment. Healing doesn't necessarily mean the physical healing of ailments. There are many types of healing which encompass the emotional, mental along with a lot of psychological issues. .

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  • Aura & Chakra Scan

    The word chakra comes from the Sanskrit word “chakram,” which means wheel. Chakras can be defined as spinning wheels or vertices of light. They are the focal points of energy and are formed from the energy lines crisscross in the body. In a human body, there are seven major chakras which are located at a particular place starting at the very base of the spine, climbing towards the crown of one's head.

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  • Dowsing Technique

    Dowsing seems to be known as an old and ancient practice where we detect the hidden water, minerals or oil in the ground by using a forked stick in our hands. Now when we talk of the Pendulum dowsing, it is a variation of the dowsing process where we usually use a weight on the end of a chain to answer questions, find lost objects, choose lucky numbers, etc.

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  • Palmistry Services

    Not aware of your date of birth? Or are you still unknown to the place you were born at or your birth time?Well, don’t worry. All you need is a Palmist, and all your curious questions would be answered.Palmistry is a great science which is very useful when we do not have the knowledge of our date of birth, place of birth or time of birth.....

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  • Numerology Advice

    Whether we are getting our car number plate, choosing our new apartment number or purchasing a new property, Numbers play a vital role in our lives. These figures have a cosmic energy in them and therefore are of great value. There is a scientific understanding in these numbers and their greatness, and together it is called Numerology.

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  • Tarot Card Reading

    Today, the simplest form of using the cards is for making future predictions. From answering simple questions to the deeply spiritual ones, these cards have all the answers to your queries.

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  • Angel Card Reading

    We know you wish you had someone looking out for you at every moment of your life? Believe, there are your guardian angels! Angels have made their presence mostly across all cultures. Sometimes as guardians and at other instances, they have acted like protectors.

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  • Handwriting & Signature Analysis

    Your signature is unique and is also your face in public. It represents you on all of your relevant documents. Just like your signature, your handwriting is also unique and represents multiple characteristics of your personality, if analyzed. The study of writing which has been practiced for hundred years is also known as graphology.

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  • Pooja/ Havan / yagna Remedies

    Puja is the Hindu ritual of worshiping God in a systematic manner as prescribed in the Vedic scriptures. There are various names of the deity along with Hindu mantras are recited in a pooja. Hindu mantras and chants play a vital role and are called Shodasa Upacharas.

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UPCOMING EVENTS 5th & 6th january 2018

Happy New Year 2018

Wishing You All a Very Happy & ProsperousNew Year 2018. 
To know, What's in Store for You in 2018 as per your Birth Chart?
Consult Most Admired Vedic Astrologer & Vaastu Expert Ar.Naveen Mishra for this upcoming year as per your Birthday and Birth Chart.
Special Packages for New Year
Family Package 11000 for 4 Persons
Consult for Yourself 5100/- and Your Life Partner's Birth Chart Reading Free
Students special discount 2100/-
Students special discount 2100/-

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Guru Nanak Birthday

Guru Nanak Gurpurab, also known as Guru Nanak's Prakash Utsav and Guru Nanak Jayanti, celebrates the birth of the first Sikh Guru, Guru Nanak.This is one of the most sacred festivals in Sikhi.

The festivities in the Sikh religion revolve around the anniversaries of the 10 Sikh Gurus. These Gurus were responsible for shaping the beliefs of the Sikhs.

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Christmas or Christmas Day is an annual festival commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ, observed most commonly on December 25 as a religious and cultural celebration among billions of people around the world.

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